Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wanna go

To the woods. Hiking, camping, whatever. Spring is springing, and I'm getting the itch. I have all the gear I need from last year. All I need now is for the damn weather to cooperated, and some friends to go with me.
Friends? You on board? Laurel Highlands trail.? Any trail? Soon? April? Camping? PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE??
I don't even know who reads this blog cause no one comments (which is fine guys, really.) :P But if you're interested, I am.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wow, been a bit of a while

This past weekend (St. Paddy's Day Weekend) was incredible. We (Me, Jake, Barry, Sarah and John Turner) all parked our asses at Steve's on Friday night. We drank and watched movies and generally screwed around all night.

At eight the next day, we were up at the ass crack of dawn (8 AM) making whisky eggs in the age old tradition that we started last year in Boston. This year, there was the addition of green food coloring. (Do Not Recommend!) We also partook in Carolans and Lucky charms. And drank a quarter of a case of Guinness.

Then Jake, Sarah and I went to the Western Pennsylvania Orchid Ass. show to look at all the pretties and maybe buy some. We did, and we did. It was awesome. Jake got two Dendrobium Kingianums which were both hybridized from the same parent and I got a beautiful Paphiopedilum, which is just gorgeous. All three of us got a good earfull of info involving growing orchids in PA, the element ratios in fertilizer and all sorts of awesome things no one else cares about, but that I'll probably blog about later anyway.

After the Orchid show we made a pit stop at Steves to drop the orchids and Sarah off, have a quick Guinness and then run up to Pine Richland to see Seusical with Carlos.

Two notes on Seussical:
1. It should never have been written
2. The cast of the Pine Richland High School did the most amazing things with it possible. Kudos to the freakishly talented kids.

After that we came back to Steves and settled down for a good night of Super Smash Bro's, DRINKING, Boondock Saints, DRINKING, passing out, and more drinking. Well, I did the passing out. Everyone else did the entertaining laugh a lot giggle fest. I feel as though I missed out. Anyone up for another performance?

Sunday was a day of rest. We laid about and watched Super Bad which is thoroughly enjoyable no matter how many times you see it and recuperated from our collective bender.


1. I have not outgrown partying, nor will I ever, I think.
2. I do not like Green Eggs and Ham, I do not like them Sam I am!
3. DAMN YOU SEUSS! Get out of my head.
4. Jake is impossibly cute when he doesn't want to get up and hides under blankets.
5. St. Paddy's day is still happy.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My Phal is alive and doing fine. I was poking around in it (as usual) and noticed a nice bit of new root growth. Also the leaves have perked up a lot and regained some of their original luster. So I lost the bloom spike. So what?

I also have a new member of my orchid family. It's a beautiful spotted phal that my mom brought home to me from Lowes where it was languishing in the sales area with a partially crumpled bloom and no Terra cotta pot (only the plastic insert.) I gave it some orchid grow-enhanced water and cleaned off the leaves a bit. It is also looking pretty good.

I've got them all sitting in a row on top of my radiator in front of my south-facing windows in my room. I never realized just how much i like plants in my window. I really do. I believe I need to get some more. Maybe a nice bonsai or a few mini bamboo....hmmmmmmmm.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Only Reason I'd Become a Parent

Is to somehow reverse the iniquities of my own upbringing.

I swear that if I am ever blessed (cursed?) with child/ren, I will go out of my way to make them independent enough in their thoughts to never rely on me for approval, even if it means making them not care what I think at all. That way, when I say some stupid, god awful thoughtless idiot thing, I won't crush any good feeling they may have had at the time or stymie their ambitions or actions.

Ugh. And things were looking so up.

On the other hand, I know that I'm far too dependent on what my mother thinks (yes, this is really about me, but hey, MY BLOG!) and I'm just as responsible for altering my perceptions and changing my priorities as she should be for biting her ridiculous tongue.

She realized her gaffe and tried to appologize, but it was already too late. I am desperately trying to salvage the idea that what I'm doing matters and is important. Wow. I'm one sick puppy sometimes.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Regarding Toilets

And Floods.
Toilets flooding to be exact.
My toilet flooding to be precise.
The stack on the inside of the tank blew sometimes between 4 and 5 pm on thursday of last week spewing hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water into my room and down through the floor and through the dining room ceiling and through the dining room floor into the basement.

My mom came home around six and shut the valve off. She was apparently standing hands on hips in the doorway of the sodden dining room when the enormous chandelier over our dining room table came out of it's bracketing in the disintegrating plaster and crashed down onto the table.

I got to go away to Johnstown for the weekend to work on with Jacob.
My mom got to stay in a wind tunnel. The insurance company is paying for the damage, but it's crazy.

Our dining room is empty. They took the oriental rug to be cleaned and dried professionally because it's wool. All of the furniture is in the living room. They've turned our house into a dehumidifier and heat-blower-induced vortex.

The awesome upshot is that the cleaner people are hauling massive amounts of stuff out of our basement now. At least it's getting cleaned out somehow. They've already hauled away one dumpster and are now filling a second one. And these are the huge kind.

It's strange that a huge calamity like this is reduced to a minor annoyance in comparison with recent events. Death puts things into perspective like none other.

Who gots design??

At least the beginnings of the Rabkin Dermatopathology design have been hammered out, thanks to Jake's almost intuitive grasp of logo creation and layout and my almost intuitive ability to sit there and colorblindly question his choice of palate. I'm glad I'm good at copywriting and book keeping. Otherwise Trident would be a one man operation.

Still in all fairness, Jake's been doing a bang up job at a medically related firm for longer than I've been designing anything. So I'll just give myself time to marinate in the bath of design inspiration that is and watch and learn from the budding master himself.

Jake, since I'm convinced you're the only person who actually reads this, I hope you are feeling quite good about yourself ;)

Web design = awesome in Christina's world. I am in love with the idea of owning our own company. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Speaking of which, I have some crazy filing stuff to take care of. LATERZ!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting jobs is cool!

We got the email today. Trident Web Design has its first official job: creating a website for Rabkin Dermatopathology. I'm uber excited. The web design thing is awesome. Both Jake and I are really terribly glad to have someone who is not a family member to do a website for. And of course getting paid is always a bonus.

The only repercussion for getting a freelance job is that you have to actually get it done, and deadlines don't wait for creative blocks to fall away. Working under the gun in this capacity is a whole new thing for me, though Jake's done it before with no trouble. Hopefully I can ease into it as easily.

In other news, calligraphy is also cool. I would like to get back into learning about it. In my scads of free time that is. Well, my ass is growing into my chair as I speak. I've been sitting in front of a computer entirely too much lately, but I have to admit I love it. I might have to invest in an ergonomically sound keyboard though. Alpha Grip, HERE I COME!